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Youth Trek Jr/Sr High St James

We grow in His word

It’s a Balancing Act—between Faith Development and the Pull from the Rest of the World.  The St. James Youth Staff are parents too!  They know and understand the demands place on our youth by schools, extra-curricular activities, the community, electronic and social outlets.  It’s a tough world out their but as parents we must find a “balance” for our youth.

Parents play an integral role

Parents are the first link to their child’s spiritual learning.  The desire and need for Jesus to be in their lives must start at home.

Parents are the life-line to getting the youth to church activities.

Parents are modeling a Christian life by being involved themselves.

Parents need the church family and the other adults who can help guide and impact their children’s lives.

Youth need time to grow

Sunday School, Retreats, and Mission Trips

Service at their church within their community

Youth Group “Fun” Activities

Affirm relationships that are not electronically engaged

Recognize youth for who they are (identity) as an individual and welcoming all

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